dicing history

i couldn't find the right book.
i had a history book which wasn't what i needed for this class
some sort of politics or literature class.
but for a change, i was not showing up for the first time, the day before the exam.
i was late today but i had only missed 1 or 2 classes.
the professor, a young good looking man, approached my desk to tell me that i hadn't missed much and that it would be very easy for me to catch up.
He handed me a packet of papers and seemed unconcerned about the absences.
i took the papers thanked him and went outside to a grassy spot.
i emptied the contents of my bag to see what i had.
i opened the history book that i had but hadn't needed
it seemed outdated.
it was missing pages
lots of them
in a chunk
and they were not torn out
they were exacto'd out.
and purposely.
almost the exact amount of pages that were handed to me
were the amount of pages that were so carefully removed from the history book.


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Very interesting...

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