flora and fauna

the dogs are confused and acting out.
there have been regular peeing incidents, including M peeing in his crate.
I have been trying to make their schedule as consistent as i can.
I'm trying to distract them
like im trying to distract myself.

i go to see the man tomorrow
the man who i am hoping can help us.

i have been pondering karma
and that you reap what you sow.
and as i understand it, there is no statute of lmitations
on fucked up actions.
my romantic karma has not been what could be referred to as "kind"
maybe this is owed to me.

though i have tried to make it up to the universe.
i have been unable to make it up to the person to whom it might mean the most.
and i don't know that i will ever have that chance.

that will not keep me from trying
and trying to give these beasts some consistency
and telling her that i love her
and that i miss her

and the little coleus now has roots


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