it was warm and sunny and we were in tompkin's square park
it was one of those melancholy afternoons that we knew we didn't have much time before she was to leave for another trip.
stealing as much time as we could.
and still dealing with the remnants and slabs of our previous (and her current)life.

where on the west side someone waited at home so they wouldn't be late for the ferry that would take her from me for a few days.
she talked of how she 'tortured' me
lazily drawing pictures of and on me.
paint markers, grass, leaves, cotton
"awww jeeeze!!! I couldn't just leave it as it was!!! I had to keep going over and over it!
i promise I'll make something beautiful of this mess"

she did.
she always did
and always does

i hope.


Blogger k o w said...

I'm going to try something like that this week. Should be interesting.

2:24 PM  

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