deaf girl

i am finding these bits that are so completely relevant now.
things that i am afraid to lose.
memories that remind me why i am doing this.
today was a good day.
i think maybe we both had some reminders.

deaf girl
i put my hand on the side of your face to pull you closer
with the excuse that i can't hear you
and you should tell me in my ear.

"i think thats my gum on his shoe"

whatever it is its fine
i don't mind that im not kissing you when your face is that close to mine
i like that i can feel how small the space between us is
by how warm your breath feels on my arm/cheek/ear

i love the idea that some day i might not be suprised
when i see the tattoo on your neck.
that i will have traced it so many times with my fingers and tongue
that i know what it feels like as well as i know what it looks like.

so i keep reaching to the other side of your face to guide your mouth to my ear so that i can hear you better.


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